AllisonAnne Studios | About
I, Allison Gallagher, never thought in a million years I would be photographing people and liking it (um.., by the way, I am LOVING IT)!! When I was in art school (graduated from Art Institute of Philadelphia 2001) My teachers constantly told me that my strongpoint was capturing the individuality of a person when putting them in front of my lens, but I aspired to be a high-end product photographer in no other then NYC!! Well, one thing lead to another and life happened as it usually does and I found myself intrigued with shooting weddings in a certain style, a different style. The universe lead me to do much assisting in a crazy wedding industry thats full of FUN FUN FUN!! . BUT since then I hit the ground running and will never ever stop. I have aspirations to make it BIG in this business for no other reason then because I am highly competitive and driven and absolutely love what I do each and every day. What a gift! To survive in this business today you have to think fast, move fast, and be ready for change at all times. I am up for the challange ask anyone or just watch me work!! So far it has all exceded my WILDEST DREAMS!!
I have been married since May 2003. The wedding planning process is a big deal- I know! I take pride in lending a helping hand through the entire process. My goal with every single client is to give 150% of myself, my art, and my services. I do not take what I do lightly for even a second, I am way to passionate for that. The end result of my work is the REAL emotional story of your day. I thank God every day (no lie) for my talent and the willingness to remain humble and teachable!! Bring it on!
In July 2011 my daughter Julia was born and EVERYTHING changed!!! The daily struggle for a working mother is endless. I now understand what motherhood is and what a relationship is with my children and children in general. Something I DID NOT get before my baby girl. It has changed my artistic drive and vision. Because I understand kids more. I photograph them a TOTALLY different way. My portrait clientele has more then DOUBLED and I am LOVING THAT TOO!!! CALL ME!!!

I have to admit I was dreading that ( writing something about myself) But THAT......that was fun.